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Admission Process


Step 1:  Prospective students must first complete and submit the following forms:

Enrollment Form

Educational Evaluation Form

Student Health Record


Step 2:  Students must provide the following information:

Copy of passport

Copy of school transcripts (English translation)

Proof of financial capacity


Step 3:  ROA will review all documents and make a decision on acceptance.

Step 4:  ROA will issue a DRAFT i20 to the student in order to make sure all information is correct.

Step 5:  ROA issues the official and original i20 to the student.

Step 6:  The student must make their appointment with their local consulate and attempt to gain the F-1 visa.  Upon obtaining the F-1 visa, the student alerts ROA of their travel dates.

Step 7:  Upon arrival in the USA the student must present themselves and their stamped i20 to the ROA Director and begin their attendance at school.  SEVIS allows for several travel days prior to arriving in the Houston, Texas area.





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